Sunday, 17 July 2011

Me, My Soul Group, And I

   The Story of Braco

A a few months ago, I received a parcel in the post from my dear friend Stephanie. Although Stephanie lives in California and I am staying in Germany at the moment, we keep in close contact and I feel like I have known her for ages – and I literally mean ages, as in thousands of lifetimes – although in this life we've only known each other for about a year.

Last year, Stephanie was hosting a spiritual book club on the radio, and my book Unicorn Magic was the first month's selection. Although the book club took place at 5 pm in San Francisco, and it was 3 am at my house in the UK, I stayed up and discussed my book in a wonderful, insightful dialogue around half the globe.

Stephanie has a blog, Diary of a Lightworker as well, which I think you will love, especially if you enjoy my blog and spiritual topics and experiences.

So, in the parcel from Stephanie was a book by Angelika Whitecliff about Braco. I had never heard the name before but after I had read a few pages I was curious, and went on Google to find out more. What I read intrigued me even more and when I saw that there was an event two hours away from me in Stuttgart, Germany, in just five days,  my curiosity compelled me to go. Well, I loved the entire experience and have been going ever since. I have Stephanie to thank for this inspiring, healing connection.

When I meet members of my Soul Group, it feels like I know them. I don't necessarily know their physique in this life, but my soul remembers. There is an instant connection. There is a feeling as if I am just picking up a friendship, or a relationship, where it ended. There is a feeling as if no time has passed since last being together. I also have a feeling that I can say just about anything, and be totally honest, and be understood and accepted. I usually meet members of my Soul Group under the strangest of circumstances, which are so unlikely that they have to be divinely orchestrated synchronicities. Karen, Stephanie's sister, is also a member of my Soul Group. I “met" her on Facebook, on Doreen Virtue's fan page. I visit this page only a few times a year and Karen's link is the only one I've ever clicked. She is also a wonderful and inspiring friend in my life.

 This time, when I went to see Braco, I saw an enourmous golden-white aura around him. At times, there were two of him, one much larger (about 20 feet) and he seemed to step outside of himself, towards the front. I felt deep inner peace and strength. When I left the atmosphere was light and peaceful, and also very playful.

My little two-year-old son came to greet me drenched. He had been having great fun splashing in the fountain outside the congress building.

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