Sunday, 26 June 2011

Experiences on Spiritual Pills

Purple Frangipani Blossom

So, I thought I'd give you an update on the passiflora pills I have been taking, that have been  calibrated to me and blessed by John of God. I have just started the second container. Each one has 35 capsules.

They have been making me very tired and relaxed. Most importantly, I have been having the most amazing dreams in Technicolor. I am seeing images so clearly and vividly.

 In my dreams, I experience myself as whole, healthy, vibrantly happy. I also see a lot of flowers which are bursting with life and energy. Especially orchids in white, and purple blossoms (frangipani).

 I can sense the spiritual energy in them. Everything appears brighter, more defined, shining with light. So, at the moment, my body feels weak and exhausted, and my mind and soul are supremely happy. I also seem to be in a spiritual bubble which protects me from taking on negative energy, or thinking in ways that lower my vibration and then don't serve me or others.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Nuns, Witches and The Tenth Insight

Two nuns reading a book
I am reading The Tenth Insight by James Redfield at the moment. I am thoroughly enjoying it and a lot of the information sounds very familiar to me but when I got to the part of the I-narrator's past life reviews, I couldn't believe my eyes! The same thing happened to me but from a female standpoint!

He talks about being a Benedictine monk who came into contact with the Spirituals, a Gnostic order of the Franciscans who meditated and pursued a direct mystical link with the ultimate reality. He was enthusiastic about spreading and sharing their Truth but the Gnostics (and their methods) had been excommunicated by the church officials and persecuted. When his "heretic" dealings were found out, he was captured and languished at the stock for days before being decapitated.

In my book Unicorn Magic I write about my past life memory of being strangled to death publicly as a “ witch" for sharing spiritual truths which undermined the authority and power of the male church officials of the time.  I also wrote about my past life memory of being a nun dressed all in white in mediaeval times and recognising everything in Assisi when I went there in 2007. I know I was a nun in medieval Italy but I am not entirely sure which order I was in.

I am fascinated with the all-white monastic garments or habit I am wearing in my vision so I have been researching. This is what says about the different colours of monastic orders:
Very few nuns or sisters wear any habit at all since the 1960s. But before that, most religious communities and orders (and there are a lot of these) had a distinctive habit that marked which community the sister or nun belonged to. Quite a few communities wore black habits and that goes back to the very early days of monastic life in the Church when most monks and nuns were members of the Benedictine order, founded by St. Benedict of Nursia in the fifth century AD. The Benedictines, who still exist and still form a large percentage of the monastic religious out there, were pretty much the only or at least the main thing going in religious life in the Church until the middle ages when groups like the Franciscans (St. Francis of Assisi) and Dominicans (St. Dominic) came along in the 13th century. So, for a long time, black, which was decreed by the Church for most Benedictines in the 8th century, was the main colour of all religious habits. But even the Benedictines didn't all wear black. A reform of their order, the Cistercians, wore and still wear, white. Some Benedictine monks and nuns wear white, too. Some Franciscans wear black, but a lot of them wear brown or grey. Dominicans wear white with black capes and the nuns, when they are fully professed, wear black veils with white habits.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

How to Write Without Hands

I am so excited because this post today is  an experiment. I am not actually writing it but speaking it into my computer's microphone. The computer is then writing my words down for me. This is a  first.

Only two days ago I got my lovely new MacBook Pro and I am so enjoying it. Now I have installed Dragon Dictate, which is a speech recognition software.

Since the last recurrence of my illness  eight months ago I have not been able to use my right hand and arm. This meant that I had to take a long break in my book writing although the next two books are already composed and finished in my head.

Yesterday, I wrote 7000 words alone by dictating them to my computer. It was so liberating and so much fun! Technology is wonderful in its advances when we use it to our  and others' benefit.

I cannot yet reveal the title of my new book to you but it will be about Soul Mates, Twin Flames, the different Life Purposes that draw them together and the Universal Laws that govern the dynamics of soul attraction.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Passiflora, Blessed Herbs and John of God

Passiflora at the Casa
Today I  began taking the blessed healing herbs from John of God. The capsules are always filled with passiflora, grown in the Casa and with the label of the Farmacia de Dom Ignacio. The are calibrated to my individual vibration specifically.  Already I can feel that they contain the same energy (I call it Source energy) that Braco transmits. Very exciting! I have to take the capsules (3x1/day) for 55 days. I have a feeling that this might be because 5 is the number of change, new life periods, and transformation.

The passiflora capsules I am taking.
Passionflower or passiflora (Passiflora incarnata) is used in traditional remedies as a "calming" herb for anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and hysteria. During the early twentieth century, this herb was included in many over-the-counter sedatives and sleep aids.

In Germany, where I am at the moment, passionflower is available as an over-the-counter sedative in combination with other calming herbs such as valerian and lemon balm. It is also used in German homeopathic medicine to treat pain, insomnia, and nervous restlessness.

Today, professional herbalists use passionflower (often in combination with other calming herbs) to help treat insomnia, tension, and other health problems related to anxiety and nervousness.

The Celestial Wishfulfilling Tree within Your Body

Ananda Kanda
All transactions in the universe, whether they are social, physical, or spiritual operate on a principle of exchange. If you want to buy something, you offer the equivalent worth in money. If you want a favor from a friend, you might offer a favor in return. Even so-called "selfless actions" have their own reward. No energy is ever lost.

The heart chakra has a small sub-chakra, called the Ananda Kanda (Sanskrit for "root of bliss"), wherein dwells the Celestial Wishing Tree. Focus on this chakra while bathing yourself in the golden light of Divine Source energy. This "tree of celestial wishes" bestows even more than is desired, in accordance with your Divine Blueprint, but at the foot of the tree is a small altar onto which one first makes an offering. This energetic offering is our contribution or our gift. We may offer our loyalty, creativity, faith, openness, or dedication. This willingness to contribute creates an openness – think of how you react when someone offers to help.

However, in the moment of prayer, we can also offer up anything that is NOT part of the prayer itself. If our prayer is to find love, we can offer up whatever stands in the way of love. If our prayer is peace, we can release from ourselves whatever parts are holding on to anger or grudges. If we truly let go and erase whatever stands in the way, there is nothing left but the creation of our true intentions.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Opal Children


Recently, I heard that an acquaintance had given birth to an Opal Child. Of course I was intrigued to find out more. I discovered that Opal Children is a new, and very fitting, name for the Rainbow Children who are just beginning to incarnate on this planet. I tell a lot more about the special purpose and qualities of these amazing children as well as the story of my own Rainbow Child in my book Unicorn Magic.

Opals are iridescent gemstones which reflect in a myriad of colors. Mostly, Opals are white gemstones which reveal a rainbow of colors but there are also Fire Opals which are darker and are alight with an inner fire. They are one of the most powerful healing stones.Reading this list of Opal specialties, we can see how this is a perfect "new age" stone for the dawning Golden Age.
  • Opal allows for true and spontaneous actions.
  • Opal helps to awaken the psychic or mystical attributes that lie within.
  • Opal is good for communication.
  • Opal helps to release feelings that have been pent up.
  • Opal is good for the ability to clearly express yourself, to connect with others, and to voice your opinions.
  • Opal is the stone of great achievement.
  • Opal is a good stone for writers.
  • Opal assists in letting go of anger.
  • It is said to be the stone of love, but only to faithful lovers.