Saturday, 18 June 2011

How to Write Without Hands

I am so excited because this post today is  an experiment. I am not actually writing it but speaking it into my computer's microphone. The computer is then writing my words down for me. This is a  first.

Only two days ago I got my lovely new MacBook Pro and I am so enjoying it. Now I have installed Dragon Dictate, which is a speech recognition software.

Since the last recurrence of my illness  eight months ago I have not been able to use my right hand and arm. This meant that I had to take a long break in my book writing although the next two books are already composed and finished in my head.

Yesterday, I wrote 7000 words alone by dictating them to my computer. It was so liberating and so much fun! Technology is wonderful in its advances when we use it to our  and others' benefit.

I cannot yet reveal the title of my new book to you but it will be about Soul Mates, Twin Flames, the different Life Purposes that draw them together and the Universal Laws that govern the dynamics of soul attraction.

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  1. SO happy you have found a way to "write" in a more efficient way now! Liberating indeed!

    I'm intrigued by the topics of your upcoming book(s) and look forward to continuing to follow your blog.