Sunday, 26 June 2011

Experiences on Spiritual Pills

Purple Frangipani Blossom

So, I thought I'd give you an update on the passiflora pills I have been taking, that have been  calibrated to me and blessed by John of God. I have just started the second container. Each one has 35 capsules.

They have been making me very tired and relaxed. Most importantly, I have been having the most amazing dreams in Technicolor. I am seeing images so clearly and vividly.

 In my dreams, I experience myself as whole, healthy, vibrantly happy. I also see a lot of flowers which are bursting with life and energy. Especially orchids in white, and purple blossoms (frangipani).

 I can sense the spiritual energy in them. Everything appears brighter, more defined, shining with light. So, at the moment, my body feels weak and exhausted, and my mind and soul are supremely happy. I also seem to be in a spiritual bubble which protects me from taking on negative energy, or thinking in ways that lower my vibration and then don't serve me or others.

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