Friday, 8 July 2011

Unexpected Gifts, Inner and Outer

St Michael with Halo - this Halo of Light is almost identical with the one I saw around Braco

Today, 8 July 2011, is my 11th wedding anniversary, so this is a very special day for me. Since Charles, my husband, had to be back in England today, and I am still in Germany, we decided to celebrate early, so last Saturday, on 2 July, I went to see Braco again, this time with my husband, dad, and two kids. Braco is pronounced "Brah-tso" and means "little brother" in Croatian. Sessions, or meetings, with Braco do not cost any money. He does not speak to visitors nor give interviews to the media, and yet 1000s of people come to his sessions. Here is a short description of Braco from his website
Braco does not talk to his visitors, nor does he touch them or use any other form of nonverbal suggestion: He simply is gazing at them. But his successes and the reports of his visitors about fascinating recoveries and positive changes in their lives attract more and more people from all over the world. And during those silent sessions people feel deeply touched even without having any direct and personal contact with Braco. They feel touched by an invisible and silent power, which is flowing through them and they try to open and assimilate that power...
Braco never promises help or cure to his visitors and he also says about himself, that he is not a healer. He says: “I am a normal person, I just found that invisible energy and I want to share it with everybody. I know, that everybody else can feel and carry that energy as well...
Braco describes those moments, when he is standing in front of the people with following words: “I try to take all those people in my arms and give them an invisible and deep hug of love and warmth. I try to enlight that spark which we all carry in ourselves and which can build that wonderful flame of love in us.
From my own experience, I feel that this "energy" comes straight from Source, with Braco as the human transmitter or conduit. Source, and Braco, are non-denominational. They are not “copyrighted" to any one religion or philosophy. The experience of this energy is different every time, and cannot adequately be described in words. It has to be experienced.

 His teacher and mentor said Braco is a “Child of Atlantis".  I thought that was interesting.

At meetings with Braco, there is a beautiful tradition of bringing flowers to show appreciation, beauty and gratitude. The bouquets are handed to helpers as we walk into the session room, and another flower is given to us as we leave. I brought three different bouquets of flowers to the meeting: one of white roses, one of white roses with pink edges, and one of soft pink roses. When my husband and I left the gazing session, we each received a single deep red rose. I am drying the two blossoms and they are on the left side of my computer. They still emit a very special energy.

During the session, as I was gazing at Braco,  I distinctly saw his aura as opalescent, or sparkling white with rainbow colors dashing and dancing through, especially around is head. The “halo" around his head was about 1 m across, all around his head and touching his shoulders. It reminded me of the halos depicted on paintings of saints and angels in medieval churches. Now I definitely know, because of this experience, that these halos are real phenomena and not just pretty decoration or a symbol of heightened spirituality.

 I also saw his face in fragments, shifting, moving, doubling... like a painting by Picasso. I kept thinking there was something wrong with my eyes, but when I looked at the bouquets of lilies by his side, they were perfectly fixed and normal. As soon as I tried to look at him though, everything shifted out of focus again.

Now, as soon as I walked out of the session on my husband's arm, I felt that something was different with my right leg. (As a side note, I have not been able to walk properly since last October due to a brain tumor.) I was walking naturally! Of course, my leg was still weak, but it was moving the right way, the position of my foot which was always extended outwards was normal, and the movements of my muscles and knee joint were fluid and coordinated. I was standing tall, and felt connected or awakened to my own inner strength.

So, every time I see Braco, I am physically healed a bit more, but most importantly I have an all-pervading sense of inner peace, calm, and personal strength.

When we were leaving, my husband and I were stopped in the parking garage by a lady who was about to see Braco too. She saw our flowers and asked us if we were just coming from the event. She had a gift bag filled with eight Braco DVDs that she wanted to give somebody. We had a lovely chat and she left, after presenting us with her wonderful present.

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  1. I've heard of Braco from a friend. He seems like a true joy. I am so happy for you that you had the opportunity to experience his presence. I am also very glad that you're able to walk again :) Peace, love, and blessings!