Saturday, 30 July 2011

Priestess in Atlantis

Mermaid in Atlantis
In her book "Sage-ing while Age-ing" Shirley Maclaine writes that the people of Atlantis had red hair, slanted blue eyes, were very pale with white skin, slim and tall. That basically describes me! Interesting.

I know that I had an incarnation in Atlantis when I acted as a high priest or priestess. I don't think the genders were as explicit or defined then as they are now so I can't interpret the energy in terms of today's gender perceptions.

I see myself in front of a magnificent temple, on a marble platform, in a long blue robe with wide sleeves with arms outstretched, speaking to a huge audience of people who I'm telling something of importance. They are cheering at times and looking thoughtful and contemplative at others.

Just to be clear, of course you don't need to look like you did in Atlantis if you have similar memories today. Your consciousness can have manifested as a green or brown eyed, or short or dark skinned body today but you will know.

I definitely look like the Atlanteans Shirley describes in this life, which is interesting because it fits with my memories and trustworthy people such as Edgar Cayce and Ivica (Braco's teacher) have said that many “children of Atlantis" are returning to Earth at this important time. I know in my heart that this is true and that I am one of them. It is a visceral knowledge, not just a belief. If you are a child of Atlantis yourself, you will know exactly what I mean.

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