Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Celestial Wishfulfilling Tree within Your Body

Ananda Kanda
All transactions in the universe, whether they are social, physical, or spiritual operate on a principle of exchange. If you want to buy something, you offer the equivalent worth in money. If you want a favor from a friend, you might offer a favor in return. Even so-called "selfless actions" have their own reward. No energy is ever lost.

The heart chakra has a small sub-chakra, called the Ananda Kanda (Sanskrit for "root of bliss"), wherein dwells the Celestial Wishing Tree. Focus on this chakra while bathing yourself in the golden light of Divine Source energy. This "tree of celestial wishes" bestows even more than is desired, in accordance with your Divine Blueprint, but at the foot of the tree is a small altar onto which one first makes an offering. This energetic offering is our contribution or our gift. We may offer our loyalty, creativity, faith, openness, or dedication. This willingness to contribute creates an openness – think of how you react when someone offers to help.

However, in the moment of prayer, we can also offer up anything that is NOT part of the prayer itself. If our prayer is to find love, we can offer up whatever stands in the way of love. If our prayer is peace, we can release from ourselves whatever parts are holding on to anger or grudges. If we truly let go and erase whatever stands in the way, there is nothing left but the creation of our true intentions.

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