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Advanced Yoga Dynamics & Ancient Secrets of the Yogi/Mystic.

Disclamer: Yoga is extremely powerful and should be done 100% correctly. This information is presented for theory only. If you wish to practice any of these extremely powerful techniques presented here without a yoga teacher or other professional, you do so at your own risk. You have been warned.

Before we start: first set a pure intention: Ask yourself what is my intention in gaining this information. And that you will only use it for the good of all.
e.g. I am a child of God, The Source, The One, and on the journey back to the self & Divine Love...

Lesson1) What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is the combination of the Sanskrit words
prana = lifeforce and ayama = control or mastering.

When the Pingala Nerve—or the right nostril—is in flow, the Ida Nerve lies inactive or dormant and the gate of the left nostril remains obstructed. Similarly, when the Ida Nerve—or the left nostril—is in flow, the Pingala Nerve lies dormant and the gate of the right nostril remains shut. But when the Sushumana Nerve—or both nostrils, nadis (channels)—are in flow, the gates of both of them lie open and both Pingala and Ida Nerves are fully active.
Within the root of the nose, where the two nostrils converge and where the Ida and Pingala Nerves start, is one of the most vital and magical points in the body. This location is very sensitive and manifests a peculiar kind of intelligence. Their sensitiveness
and intelligence are displayed in selecting etheric electrons
from each breath of air that passes through the nostrils. The planetary rays also converge at this spot and control its functions.

Why? Because health or disease, success or failure, gain or loss, life or death, are the results that come from the way this center acts. The Control centre.

Left Nostril—Ida = negative electrons down the left side of the spine
-Female, negative pole.
+Attributes: Spiritual, humble, inward looking, truthfulness, kindness, benevolence, reverence,
Negative Attributes: timid, inaction, fear, obedience

Right Nostril- Pingala = negative electrons down the Right side of the spine
-Male, Positive pole.
+Attributes: Strong, courageous, outgoing, outward looking, martial spirits
Negative Attributes: unusual aggressiveness, matcho, in some males unbridled sexual passion.

The positive electromagnetic currents and the negative electromagnetic
currents that run alternately down Pingala and Ida Nerves respectively
meet at the Solar Plexus and other plexi of the Sympathetic Nervous
System, which lie along the spinal column and supply prana for the energy & vibration of the human vehicle. As the enormous branches that Pingala and Ida Nerves send out connect all of the plexus of the sympathetic system with the cerebrospinal system, much of the energy that is conveyed along Pingala and Ida is stored up in the different plexus, the chief of which is the solar plexus.

When Sushumana or both nostrils are equally in flow, both Pingala and Ida Nerves carry their respective currents down the spine at the same time, and these currents as they go down the spine distributing their
prana or life-force among the different plexus they carry what remains to the base of the spine, where they meet and supply prana to the Sushumana canal.

The Sympathetic Nervous System has its center in the Solar Plexus which is also an energy storage centre. The connection between the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic nervous system is made by the vagus nerve, which passes out of the cerebral region as a portion of the voluntary system to the thorax, sending
out branches to the heart and lungs, and finally passing through the diaphragm it loses its outer coating and becomes identified with the nerves of the sympathetic system, these systems help create connecting links between the systems and thus making man physically a single entity. The Cerebrospinal System is the organ of the conscious mind and the Sympathetic is the organ of the subconscious mind. The Cerebrospinal
is the channel through which we receive conscious perception from the physical senses and exercises control over the movements of the body.

This system of nerves has its center in the brain, if damaged movements such as balance would be affected. When the Solar Plexus is healthy it will radiate Life, Energy and Vitality to every part of the body and to every one that you meet, the body is filled with health, and all with everyone you meet will experience a pleasant sensation from you.

If then you wish to develop courage and power and become less timid and more positively charged, then practice breathing through the right nostril. At first you may find it necessary to close the left nostril with the forefinger, but you will gradually get control and will eventually be able to close either nostril at will with using only your concentration or focus. If you wish to cultivate any of the spiritual qualities, such as benevolence, kindness, cheerfulness and gain wisdom, then you will practice breathing through the left nostril.

By Charles Bishop

For the benefit of all sentient beings throughout time & space in the ten directions. Love & Blessings, Charles.

He aims to remind you of your own inner truth, become your own master & have all the correct knowledge to become all that you can be in this life.

No part of this information may be copy and pasted, changed, printed, etc You may share by linking to this page only, thank you

Copyright: 2011 Charles Bishop

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