Monday, 9 May 2011

The Difference Between Being Broke, and Being Poor

"Consider the lilies in the field, how they grow: they neither toil, nor spin; and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." (Matthew 6:27-29)

When you practically apply the techniques outlined below, day after day, you will never think of yourself, or experience yourself, as poor again!

Do you know the difference between being broke, and being poor?

If so, you are already well on your way to manifesting abundance in all areas of your life. An abundance-conscious person may find themselves temporarily broke, or with an empty bank account, but they will never feel poor. Poverty is a state of mind, just as much as prosperity is a state of mind. Poverty focuses on lack, and abundance focuses on substance.

By realizing that we are made of Substance, we realize we are ALWAYS connected to a constant, neverending stream of supply. This Substance that made us is the Substance of all the Universe, molded by Infinite Intelligence, or God. Universal Mind interpenetrates our mind and our mind interpenetrates and pervades our body. Its substance penetrates every atom of our body. We are never separate from it because WE ARE IT.

However, by focusing on lack and loss, we are holding ourselves separate from the flow of substance in our lives. The good news is that abundance is always available to us because it is the nature of the Universe, and our own nature. The mighty oak tree starts as a small acorn. The seed in the earth never worries or frets or doubts that it will grow into a magnificent tree. It knows it purpose. It trusts and unfolds according to its nature.

We can plant a small seed of a tree and see it expand and unfold into a magnificent demonstration. But if we doubt, lack trust, or lack faith, and we dig up our seed to check on its progress then we prevent its natural growth process and we are left with nothing. Then we say - see, it does not work! The tree does not grow! Not so. Our doubt, worry and anxiety have prevented it from growing. When given over to its own nature and the laws of the Universe, it grows perfectly.

So it is with ideas. We have a wonderful idea, we get excited about it, we set the wheels in motion... and when after a few days, we do not see the progress, we exclaim, "It will never happen" or "It does not work". What has really happened is that the idea was unfolding perfectly into its own magnificent demonstration, but we have dug it up to check on its progress due to lack of faith and trust. You see how faith, conviction and trust are necessary ingredients in the manifestation process?

There is never a shortage of air, no matter how many people breathe. We are not taking away our neighbour's supply of air by breathing ourselves, just as we are not taking away someone else's supply of love, health, wealth, or success, by experiencing it ourselves. There is always enough for everyone. Universal Mind knows no lack, and no limitation. There is much more money on the planet now than in any previous time in history that we know of. There is no end to the supply; only so far as the finite mind perceives an end, or lack, or loss, then of course that is what it must experience.

By changing your thoughts, you can change your point of attraction, and the level of abundance that you experience in all areas of your life -- relationships, career, health, wealth, joy, love -- will change accordingly. This Law always works!

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