Sunday, 22 May 2011

Past Lives: Spiritual Tourism vs. Healing of Inner Wounds

Allegory of Giotto di Bondone
Allegory of Chastity
c. 1330, Fresco, Lower Church, San Francesco, Assisi

In my book Unicorn Magic: How to Manifest Your Desires by Living a Life of Divine Love I describe how I was told by the inner voice that knowledge of past lives only serves us if we focus on healing, not on mere curiosity or spectacles. I also describe my spontaneous past life regression to the time I was publicly strangled as a "witch" which healed my persistent throat illnesses.

Since then, I've had insight into 2 more lives on Earth, this time through dreams and visions.

Now, I know I haven't spent much time on Earth but I can at the moment recall 3 different past lives on this planet. Initially, I was a priest - a High Priest - in Atlantis. At first I thought I was female with powerful energy but I am not entirely sure... I see myself as male, mostly. Anyway, I can see myself arms wide in front of a big beautiful white temple on something like a stage or a pedestal before a huge crowd. I know I have a lot of influence over these people. I want to use my power and charisma for good (I belong to the Children of the Law of One). This mostly works...I share spiritual truth, knowledge and inspiration. But I also have arrogance and tend to "look down" - literally and figuratively - on the ones I view as "below me", i.e. not as smart, not as advanced, not as cultured.

Then, I can also recall a lifetime as a Catholic nun in medieval Italy. I am not sure if this was before or after the "witch" episode because they were pretty close together - only a few centuries apart. I am from a noble family, aristocratic looking, and I wish strongly, almost fervently, to dedicate my life to my spiritual practice and progress. I know the only way I can do this is by entering a convent and becoming a nun. (Interesting that in this lifetime I attended a private all-girls convent school from the time I was 10 - 16.) I recall myself as wearing an all-white dress and covering my light and thick long hair with a white hood. I also remember speaking to God a lot and finding God to exist in the still inner voice of my heart. I was a mystic. I also remember taking a vow of poverty. This was one of my hardest beliefs to break free from in this life, that spirituality must equal poverty. Now I know that money is Divine energy, like everything else. Money is love which blesses whoever and whatever it touches. God is Abundance, and by celebrating beauty we are glorifying God.

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