Sunday, 8 May 2011

Unicorn Message: I Am Close to You

Lady with a Unicorn by Raphael (1483 – 1520)

Today, I was drawn to Diana Cooper's Unicorn Cards. I am very close to unicorns and the energy they emit. My first book, Unicorn Magic, was written by me under direct instruction from the unicorns and angels and with a straight channel to higher consciousness. I "downloaded" entire blocks of information and just wrote down what was told to me. More and more lightworkers are now connecting to their unicorn guide and I get more questions about unicorns than about angels even! So, what exactly are unicorns?

Unicorns are seventh dimensional, ascended, etheric beings, fully of the angelic realms. They are pure thoughts or aspects of the divine, in the same way that angels are. A unicorn is also the familiar, or spirit animal, of Mother Mary. Unicorns represent Christ Consciousness. The first time they appeared on Earth was in the early days of Lemuria. Later, they were also present in the Golden Age of Atlantis, when everyone was able to connect to them, just as they did to their Guardian Angel. Unfortunately as Atlantis devolved into a low frequency, the beautiful unicorns could not bring their energy down to such a low level, so they withdrew from our planet. Now that consciousness is rising again, and more and more people are aligning with the highest truth, these lightworkers are able to connect to Angels and Unicorns again, as witnessed by the growing interest and recent flood of books on Angels, Self-Help and Spirituality.

Unicorns remind us of who we truly are. While angels work through the heart, unicorns work with the soul. Their horn is actually an energy spiral or vortex emanating from their third eye. It can be compared to a magic wand, pouring out divine energy. Wherever they direct this light, healing takes place.

Today's healing message from the Unicorns says:


Your unicorn is close to you. Allow yourself to relax into its love and trust that your wise and beautiful spiritual companion is helping you.

Affirmation: I know my unicorn is close to me.

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