Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Miracle of Braco


Braco (prn. Brah-zo) means "little brother" in Croatian. His given name is Josip (Joseph) but only his parents still call him that. He says: "We all carry a seed inside, which can become a beautiful fruit one day." In other words we are an extension or expression of the Divine - a Divine spark which can one day become a Divine Flame. I went to see Braco for the first  time yesterday in Stuttgart, Germany and it was an experience I will never forget and which touched me so deeply that I even see differently today - it's as if I'm floating and everything is filled with light. In a way, the experience of Braco's gaze of pure unconditional love allowed me a direct realization of my divine identity. This energy that flows through Braco and is transmitted to others through his eyes comes directly from Source and is pure Life, Light and Love. When I looked into Braco's eyes, I saw Jesus. This is how Source (Universal Intelligence, God) sees every single one of us - with unconditional love and acceptance. Also, Braco seemed to lose definition when I looked at him, at times I saw him twice, as if he was stepping outside of himself and that night I saw auras, with colors, around everyone.

Braco does not talk to his visitors, nor does he touch them or use any other form of nonverbal suggestion: He simply gazes at them. He does not call himself a healer, does not instruct anybody to break off any medical therapy they are currently doing, and does not claim to be special in any way. But his successes and the reports of his visitors about fascinating recoveries and positive changes in their lives attract more and more people from all over the world. And during those silent sessions people feel deeply touched even without having any direct and personal contact with Braco. They feel touched by an invisible and silent power, which is flowing through them and they try to open and assimilate that power.

Braco is the son of a lawyer and actually studied economics at university and had a successful private business until he was 26, when his Divine Calling manifested itself in a way that was impossible to resist. There are several books and DVDs (in English, German and Croatian) about him if you are interested in finding out more.

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