Thursday, 3 March 2011

Angel Communication

So, I was looking at this list again that gives characteristics of Earth Angels (in Doreen Virtue's wonderful little book, titled Realms of the Earth Angels, she explains how there is a special group of beings who have incarnated at this time and who are helping to advance humanity and the planet, called Earth Angels). Doreen describes Earth Angels as those lightworkers who have come to the planet to help it and all its inhabitants to evolve. Earth Angels come in a variety of "forms" such as Incarnated Elementals or Wise Ones, which are listed below.

But how do you know if you are an Earth Angel? Some of the characteristics are listed below:
  • Feeling different, separate or disconnected from others.
  • Sensitivity to people, chemicals or violence.
  • A strong sense of purpose.
  • Problems with manifesting abundance or relationships.
  • Looking younger than your chronological years.
  • A ringing sound in one ear (which is high level communication that is "unintelligible").
  • Strangers telling you their problems.
First off, I have to say that all of these points fit me and describe me very well. I was in the hospital for the last 3 days and experienced the last 2 of these very intensely. The first one (alienation from others) was very prominent for the first 20 years of my life until I found (and remembered) my spiritual soul group, which has been growing since.

Today, I want to share one experience I had on Wednesday night when I was in the hospital. I had been hooked up to drips (intravenous liquids with medications) all day, then spent 3 hours at the MRI - most of it waiting time during I bonded with the mother of a 7 year old girl who was the emergency case before me (the daughter ended up fine, which relieved all of us immensely). So, when I finally got back up to the ward and my room it was close to 9 pm and dark already. I had one more 1 liter drip to go, so it was hooked up and started trickling through. My room partner (we have 2 bed rooms)  was quite tired and I could sense that she would feel better if the lights were off. Now though I was lying in pitch black darkness with the instructions to let the night nurse know when the bottle of liquid was empty so they could unhook and free me up for sleep.

I switched on the light once to check on the progress but there was still a while to go and I could tell that the light was too bright and was disturbing my neighbor. I resolved to only switch the light on one more time when the bottle was really empty and the nurse had to see me in order to do her job.

Now I was not sure at all how I could do this - to turn the light on at exactly the right moment. As I lay there in my bed in the dark wondering, I heard a high pitched sound vibration in my left ear. It was not a tinnitus sound - if I were to describe it visually, I'd say it was a thin delicately twisted silver cord or rod that extended about 8 inches out of my ear. Then I heard a voice say: "Don't worry, you will know at exactly the right time."

It was definitely communication from a higher dimension, from the angels. Needless to say, at a certain point my fingers almost involuntarily clicked on the light button - and I found a (just) empty bottle above me!

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