Wednesday, 23 March 2011

To Japan, with Love

The people that have been reincarnating in Japan since the Second World War are advanced souls. They have a group karma. Many of these entities (their stream of consciousness) come from Sirius and are very left-brained (analytical, logical, scientific) and have a strong belief in technology, the advances it allows and our ability to control it. Most people recognize that there is something of the "outer space" about Japanese architecture, comics, films and art. Many of these ideas indeed originate from a different planet.

Very interestingly, they are the only country on Earth to date that has experienced the destructive side of nuclear technology. Now they are experiencing the instability of man-made systems and the fact that nature can never be entirely controlled. There will always be "human error" as nobody is perfect. As a result, we are called to work in harmony with Earth, not against it. We can't cut off the hand that feeds us.

This all appears as a copy or mirror image of the end of the Golden Age of Atlantis, when massive parts of the land were also flooded and underwater, earthquakes shook the ground, and thermo-technology (heat) was used in destructive ways. What we are experiencing at the moment is like a historical "loop" which will allow us to transcend beyond the known into the unknown. These things have to happen on a massive, global scale because Earth, as an entire planet, is ascending.

The light, love and goodwill that is being sent to Japan on a global scale is brighter than ever and we all feel more connected and closer than in the past. Technology has contributed immensely to this global network. As with anything, technology can be used for good or bad, it's a matter of living in harmony with our surroundings and in alignment with our higher purpose.

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