Friday, 18 March 2011

Lightworkers and Money

True lightworkers have abundance consciousness. Lightworkers see God in everything, whether that's money and household bills, or flowers and people. There's no difference. It's ALL made from the same divine substance.

If you're still struggling with your attitude towards money, I recommend the 40 Day Prosperity Plan by John Randolph Price. Your life won't ever be the same once you've realized true abundance consciousness.

It takes 40 days to change a belief. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. The longer and deeper you think this thought, the more ingrained and true (for you) it becomes. That's when we speak of unconscious or subconcious beliefs which are the foundation for our habitual thinking. This is also the basis of self-hypnosis and affirmations. In a meditative or relaxed state you replace old beliefs that do not serve you with new thoughts that contribute to your well-being. The universe responds to our basic vibration and it will always - faithfully - bring us more of what we believe. What this really means though is that we are in control. By changing our thoughts, our beliefs around a certain topic, we can change our experience. It only takes 40 days, less than 6 weeks.

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