Saturday, 12 March 2011

Relationship Dreams

Archangel Ariel
 Lately, I've been having so many relationship dreams. And I don't just mean one relationship. Last week I spent 3 days in hospital and every night I dreamed very realistically and vividly that I was at home and kissing my younger son's cheek and talking to my loved the point that I felt very disoriented when I woke up in a hospital room.

Tonight, I had another hyper-real dream in which I was sorting through and evolving old and new relationships... one even with an old lover. I didn't wake up disconcerted or unhappy, I felt happy as if a weight had been lifted off my chest that I didn't even know was there and as if something major had shifted on the astral level.

Archangel Ariel, whose name means "Lion of God" will assist you with relationships, both the relationship you have with your self and with others. Relationship harmony starts with accepting the Self. You can't give what you don't have. Start with self-love. Louise Hay recommends looking yourself in the eyes in a mirror and saying: "I love you. I really, really love you." Remember, you are a Creation of God, so by accepting yourself as you are, you are accepting God, and God-in-you. This enables you to experience healthy, lasting friendships, enhance family connections and attract people on the same wave length to you.

The second enery center or Sacral Chakra, located below your navel is the center for relationship harmony. The color associated with your Sacral Chakra is orange like the flaming sun and a copper glow or brilliance. Healing and releasing relationship issues, both past and present, frees you from the past, allows you the freedom to experience healthy, positive "soul growth" interactions with others along your journey.

Ask Archangel Ariel to cleanse and balance your inner Self,  radiating compassionate healing and harmonising and balancing all you have experienced in this life. This Archangels' energy is soft, loving, nurturing, exuding tenderness during your healing process.


  1. This is the area of my life in which I've just had amazing (read: challenging) experiences stir up old hidden wounds and have had some help on clearing them this past week and was out in my garden meditating on them right before I came in and read this. :-)

    Last year, I cleared and raised the relationship with my first love to such an extent that apparently, in order to clear the deeper levels of this wounding in me, I recently manifested a connection with someone online who catalysed the *exact* same feelings and wounding I had when I was 18.

    It was very intense and disconcerting but essentially will be a liberating and healing experience. What amazing times!

  2. Wow, Natalie, and look at the time you posted this: 14:41 - 1 represents unity consciousness and 4 is the most stable number. When they are repeated in a sequence their energies are amplified! Also 2011 is the year in which we (our souls) learn through relationships, so that makes sense.