Sunday, 27 March 2011

Angelic Realms and Dimensions of Consciousness

The Soul of a Unicorn by Josephine Wall
Beings of light who vibrate at a seventh dimensional frequency belong to the angelic realms, and dwell in the seventh heaven. Because they vibrate in a range that cannot be accessed by human sight and hearing we cannot normally see or hear them. We have to raise our consciousness in order to connect and communicate with the angel realms. However angels are always available to help us.

Members of the seventh dimension include angels, archangels, high ascended masters, unicorns and angel dolphins. Pure white unicorns speak to our "innocence" (in a spiritual sense) which we had the moment we became a divine spark.

There is a hierarchy, the lowest of which is the elemental kingdom, the fairies, mermaids, sylphs, salamanders and others. Then there are angels, the lowest of which are the Guardian Angels, who look after individuals.

Negative thoughts keep us locked in the third dimension. And when we refuse to let them go, we are unconsciously saying, "I prefer holding on to this old hurt to ascending (evolving)" or "I would rather hold on to my fear of failure than ascend."

We can use every moment as an opportunity for spiritual growth, because every thought we think either raises or lowers our vibrational frequency.
We can choose to be victims who live in the third dimension and react with anger, fear, hatred, jealousy or joy to varying circumstances. If we choose to become fifth-dimensional humans, we will learn how to stay centered and not expend energy swinging from one emotional extreme to another. When we live in a fifth dimensional consciousness, everything we send out comes back ten-fold. We pay back "debts" (lessons to be learned) very quickly in this higher dimension, and get instant karma. This means that if you have a negative thought or commit an action which is not aligned with your higher consciousness, the result will boomerang back to you instantly. Instant karma is something to be grateful for, since it gives us the opportunity to keep our books (of life) balanced.

How do you know if you have reached the 5th dimension of consciousness? We are at this level when we live our lives in service to others, and when we ask ourselves, "Is this the highest thing I can do? Is this the highest way I can act? How did I create this?" When we naturally do this, we're walking as a Master in the fifth dimension.


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