Friday, 11 March 2011

Archangel Raziel and Clairvoyance

Crispijn de Passe the Elder, Archengel Raziel. 16th century
Raziel's name means "secret of God" and he is called the angel of mysteries. He is known to give access to all matters secret, sacred, and mystical to those who are ready and ask. He can also help you open up to higher levels of psychic ability and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel divine guidance.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. It is the intuitive or inner equivalent to your physical vision or sight.  If you tend to be visual in your daily life, you’ll tend towards clairvoyance when using your intuition or "gut feeling". You might see repeated number sequences. Or, certain animals will cross your path. You might see words on billboards, in books, or even license plates. Frequently, you’ll see things in your mind’s eye, similar to watching a movie.

These co-called "inner images" have a profound effect on your waking life and your brain records them as real. Olympic athletes who are injured and can't train physically are instructed by their trainers to "work out in their head". After the injury has passed, they are as good and secure in their routine as if they had trained physically.

At the moment I can't use my right hand and I was told by my physio-therapist: "You, your nerves, muscles etc. know exactly what to do, because you have done it successfully many times before. You have to picture it in your mind over and over again and the physical usage will come back."

So, clairvoyance - inner seeing - is real. Don't dismiss inner images. They can be a great friend and helper.


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