Wednesday, 2 February 2011

2.2.11 - New Moon "Law of Attraction" Meditation

It is a new moon today. This is a good time to meditate on the new coming into your life.

Of course you can meditate at any time, but the day of a new moon is the perfect time to meditate on new projects and other things that are in the beginning stage. It is a time of creative energy, so the thoughts you bring into your meditation will be powerfully added to the fertile energy at this time.

Throughout the ages a new moon has always been a time of freshness and beginnings.Sowing seeds for crops at this time can produce a greater harvest when certain rules are followed. The same applies to your thoughts.

Like the season of spring, it is the time to sow seeds for proper growth. Clarity of thoughts, goals and vision is vital. You can ask Archangel Gabriel to help with this. The clearer your thoughts and intention the more successful you will be in harvesting your desired outcome. So, before meditating it is good to spend time (with pen and paper if necessary), working out the specifics of exactly what you wish to achieve and what energies, feelings, relationships you want to work with or bring into your life.

Always phrase your thoughts in the positive. The universe hears you exactly. If you say "I never have enough money" or "I never have good relationships" the universe will agree with you. The Law of Attraction is always at work and always fair. You attract more of whatever you focus on.

Always see your wish as reality, rather than focussing on situations you seek to escape from. Use positive language. Once you have the clarity and specifics of what you want, you can sow the seeds by meditating on your vision and planting them in creative energies that will lead to success.

Your meditation space can be any clear, peaceful space where you can go inside yourself deeply and free of disturbance. A place of sanctuary and clarity for you. Ensure the area is clean and clear itself, and ideally that you are clean too. A good space internally and externally will bring you the best results. You can prepare your meditation space with incense (scent), gentle music (ears) and candles (vision) if you like.

Once your meditation space is set and ready get into a comfortable seated position, and close your eyes. Then begin breathing, if you are just beginning then draw 10 deep breaths, if you have done so for longer then maybe five to ten minutes or longer as you feel is right. Doing this breathing will aid you to go into a deeper meditation, whilst also building up energy to plant your thoughts more effectively. As you breathe focus your mind on your solar plexus, the seat of your will and an excellent location to store energy.

Now take yourself deeper and store the energy you generate at your solar plexus. Allow your mind to drift, and feel yourself sink deep, deep down as if moving through a warm, comfortable ocean. Totally safe, totally at peace. Float down to where it is dark and there is little light. Now down into the realm of pure potential.

Once you are as deep as you feel is right for you, bring to mind the object of your focus. Hold your vision firmly in your mind. Experience it. Feel it, see it, touch it, taste it, hear it. When you feel ready, release your vision and hand it over to the angels and the Eternal Light (God) inside and beyond everyone and everything.

Say: "In your wisdom, something equal or greater than this." Feel that it is done.

Now you can slowly float upwards and come out of your meditation. To end your session, give gratitude.

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