Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - Love Is All You Need

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! May you always feel loved and may you know that you're never alone. The Light and the angels are with you always. You are so loved, cherished and important! ♥

Valentine's Day Heart Meditation

Today is the ideal day to begin with a heart/love meditation. Opening our hearts to love and kindness set the scene for a positive outlook all day.

Sit on the floor on a cushion or a folded blanket, back straight, legs crossed, hands folded in your lap or resting on the on thighs with your palms turned up - whatever feels comfortable to you. Alternately, you can sit straight in a chair, hands folded in lap or on thighs palms turned up.

Place a lit candle and some flowers on a table in front of you and burn incense if you like. For a heart meditation, it is nice to include a crystal on your meditation table. Choose one with a soft, calming energy, such as Rose Quartz.

Recite an invocation for peace between all countries:
"May peace reign over all earth's lands
As we join together hands.
May our hearts light up with love
Inspired by caring from above."
Now, close your eyes and quietly begin breathing evenly in and out. Breathe in counting 1, 2; breathe out counting 3, 4; repeat and continue for a minute or two.

Now, for a minute just sit and quietly enjoy the harmony your steady breathing brings.

Then, visualize your inner shining heart expanding carrying loving, caring feelings to include your loved ones, community, country, world family - expanding throughout the universe without limit. Hold these thoughts and enjoy the feeling of energization and upliftment they bring into your body-mind.

Finish your meditation with a deep breath in and out and the firm resolve to put this kind, caring attitude into action.

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