Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Gift from the Angels: Telepathy

♥ May your inner light shine brightly today, and all the days to come. ♥

Well, I have known what people are thinking (about) quite a lot but I thought most people did. It was only after a few shocked expressions or questionning faces that I realized that the person hadn't actually talked out loud, and that I wasn't just "quick at responding" as I initially thought.

But lately, my telepathy has taken on a new dimension. I know what people are thinking, and what they are feeling, all the time. This really helps my compassion because I can understand and follow their reasoning process even though I may completely disagree with it.

I "know" why people arrive at the conclusions they do, and why they say certain things, and act a certain way. This is sometimes frustrating, because so  many people (re-)act from their fears, memories, conditionings rather than from a place of reflection; of authenticity.

When you are thinking and behaving like this, you are not only hurting others, but you are hurting yourself and that is quite painful to watch, especially when someone is close to you and you care for their well-being. Sometimes I find myself saying something in these situations based on my innate knowledge of the thought processes involved (on both sides). Sometimes, the information is heard and sometimes it is misinterpreted based on conditioned beliefs a person is not yet ready to let go.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by this gift from the angels but I accept it, gratefully, and will learn to deal with it so that it can benefit and inspire people, and bring everyone closer together.

The angels say: "Understanding is the key."

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