Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Aura Soma, the Holy Grail and my Soul Purpose

Bottle #77 = "The Cup"
I had a professional Aura Soma reading and consultation done in early 2010. The first bottle I chose instinctively, which the consultant said would be my "soul bottle", was Bottle #77. '77 also happens to be my birth year!

Describing the inner path, bottle #77 in Aura Soma is a clear/magenta bottle. Clear reflects all colors of the rainbow, and magenta combines violet and red. #77 is a Master number indicating profound insights and revelations. In Aura Soma #77 is called "The Cup" and is associated with the Holy Grail.

The main theme of #77 is The Power of Light becomes the Power of Life. The energies of 77 are associated with carrying Christ Consciousness, of being in harmony with cosmic laws and the divine plan and accessing Love from Above.

Bottle #85 = "Titania"
Interestingly, my second most significant bottle is #85. #85 is turquoise/clear. Bottle #85 is called Titania, Queen of the Fairies, with a main theme of new age communication. How perfect (and accurate) is that.

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