Thursday, 17 February 2011

Soul Development - The Holy Grail

The Quest for the Holy Grail -
J Waugh 1912
The quest to discover the Grail is a journey of soul that mythologically belongs to all cultures and to all times. Whether it is imaged as a cup, a ring, a fountain or even a “fleece,” the powerful significance of the object, the grandest of all spiritual symbols, and the journey to discover its wholeness (holiness) has always been seen as a light and a map that leads a person out of the barrenness, pain and delusion of woundedness into the paradise of unconditional love, joy and creative power.

From the beginning, mystery has surrounded the Legend of the Holy Grail. We feel as we read that the words used are intended to convey a deeper meaning than appears on the face of it. The romance is more than a romance. It is also a secret written in cipher. Its mysticism is as evident as its mystery.

Mythology addresses a spiritual journey that each of us is on.

The knights are challenged to seek the grail and upon agreeing to the quest, each one, “entered the forest where he chose where it was darkest and there was no way or path.” We each have our own dark forest, but we choose the entry point and how to make our way out. This is the spiritual journey, making our way out of the dark forest.

As Joseph Campbell, one of the greatest 20th century mystics, points out lucidly:

“Where it seems to be most challenging is where the greatest invitation lies to find deeper or greater power in ourselves. Where power to respond succeeds, there comes a new amplification of life and consciousness.”

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