Friday, 18 February 2011

My New Book on Soul Mates and Soul Connections

So, I'm writing a new book. This time, I've been guided by the angels to write about love, soul mates and relationships.

It's 2011, the Year of the Rabbit and the year we learn through relationships. Last year, 2010, was the Year of the Tiger, and was more about soul purpose as expressed through our career and finding our place or "mission" in life. This year 2011 is so exciting because we will learn and evolve in our personal relationships.

The concept of soul connection is embedded in our culture and this is evident when we look at fairy tales and myths, which depict a search for wholeness; this archetype is illustrated by the prince seeking Cinderella or waking the sleeping princess/beauty, the archetypal feminine. These stories may be traced further back, almost 5,000 years to the legend of the Egyptian Gods Isis and Osiris.

These male and female deities were brother and sister and also husband and wife. Emerging from the womb as twins, they became beloved companions who could not be separated, even by death. When Osiris’ jealous brother, Set, kidnapped and killed him, Isis, his sister, lover, wife, was able to merge with the soul of her husband and conceive a god-child, Horus.

Imagine the power of this love and commitment. Many people long for a sense of soul connection, unity with others, purpose and direction. We are best off when we look for the person who helps us be a better person. Look at your values, set an ideal for yourself, and have a sense of your life’s direction, where you want it to go.

The old way is to go out and look for the "right person". The new way is to stop searching and start attracting. It worked for me and it will work for you too! I will show you how to do this in my book.

I will also describe the difference between soul mates and twin flames and the different soul purpose that brings them together.

I am so excited about this new project given to me by the angels!

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  1. "the difference between soul mates and twin flames and the different soul purpose that brings them together" - that's so interesting! I've felt the difference but not seen it articulated anywhere by anyone else.