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Archangels, Aura Colours and Crystals

Sugilite Angel (St. Michael)
The following are excerpts from the book "The Tao of Mermaids" by Kitty Bishop, Ph.D. (Bloomington, IN: Balboa Press/Hay House, 2010) 

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Each Archangel has a specific aura color and a crystal associated with its healing energy:

Ariel’s ("Lion of God") aura is a pale shade of pink, and if you wear or hold a rose quartz crystal, your heart will open further to Ariel’s magnificent love. Ask him for whatever you need, and he’ll guide you accordingly. Call upon him to heal and help wild animals and the environment.

Azrael’s ("Whom God helps") aura is a beautiful shade of vanilla cream: a very pale yellow tone. He surrounds grieving and dying persons with this loving light to bring them comfort. When Azrael is around, you may see eggshell-colored lights in the room. The crystal, creamy yellow calcite is calibrated to Azrael’s energy, so holding or wearing this crystal may lend additional comfort.

Chamuel’s ("He who sees God") aura is pale green, like a springtime leaf in the morning sunlight. Call on Chamuel to help heal anxiety and bring peace into your life. You can feel close to Chamuel’s loving energy by wearing or carrying a green fluorite crystal.

Gabriel’s ("Messenger of God") aura is a copper colour, like his trumpet. When you wear the crystal stone citrine, or the precious metal copper, you readily connect with his energy. Call on Gabriel to help with any issues related to pregnancy and childbirth and to heal anxiety regarding creative projects.

Haniel’s ("Glory of God") aura is bluish-white, like the moon’s glow. The crystal associated with Haniel is the moonstone, which has magical, nurturing energy associated with it. Wear or hold a moonstone whenever you wish to feel close to Haniel. He will care for you with his nurturing mother energy and effect miracles with his love for you.

Jeremiel’s ("Mercy of God") aura is violet. When you see sparkles of purple light, this is one way to know that Jeremiel is with you. Each Archangel has a particular type of crystal aligned with their energy and for Jeremiel, that crystal is the amethyst. Call upon Jeremiel to heal your emotions. Wearing or holding amethyst helps you to connect even closer to Jeremiel’s kind and loving energy.

Jophiel’s ("Beauty of God") aura is deep rose pink, signifying his beautiful, loving, and caring nature. Dark pink crystals, such as pink rubellite or pink tourmaline, are associated with Jophiel’s energy. Call upon Jophiel to hep heal negativity and chaos in your life.

Metatron’s ("The prophet Enoch") aura is beautiful green and pink stripes. The crystal aligned with Metatron’s energy is watermelon tourmaline. Call upon Metatron to help with learning disorders and childhood issues.

Michael’s ("He who is like God") aura is royal purple. When he’s nearby, you may see cobalt-blue or purple sparks of light. The crystal stone Sugilite is aligned with Archangel Michael’s energy. If you wear a sugalite pendant you may find yourself channeling profound and loving messages from Michael when you speak. Call upon Michael to heal fear and nervousness and to clear energy.

Nathaniel's ("Gift of God") aura is a fiery scarlet red. He helps us find our life path and clears our way to guide us to our goals, by raising our consciousness from the limited self to the eternal self. The process burns away old thoughts and misconceptions that cause us to believe that we are separate from God. The crystal that is calibrated to Nathaniel's energy is the Garnet.

Raguel ("Friend of God") has a beautiful pale-blue aura, like the sky on a perfect spring morning. He’s the archangel who guides people to act in fair and just ways, and Raguel also gives us faith in humanity’s essential goodness. Wearing or holding an aquamarine or aqua aura crystal will align you with Raguel’s kind and wise persona.

Ask Raphael ("He who heals") to surround anything needing healing with his emerald-green aura. The crystals that are aligned with Raphael’s healing energy are emeralds and malachite.

Raziel’s ("Secrets of God") aura holds all the colors of the rainbow, like a beautiful prism of light. Working with clear quartz crystals magnifies clairvoyance and helps you feel closer to Raziel.

Sandalphon’s ("The prophet Elijah") aura is a calming and cool shade of turquoise, like the translucent tropical ocean. Call upon Sandalphon to heal aggressive tendencies in yourself and others. Meditate upon his aura colour, or hold the stone associated with his energy - turquoise - and feel your heart rate and breathing become slow and peaceful.

Uriel’s ("God is Light") aura is pale yellow, like a candle’s glow. Call upon Urie's help to heal resentment and unforgiveness and whenever you need inspiration in the form of thoughts and ideas, creativity, insights, judgment. Uriel's energy is aligned with amber.

Zadkiel’s ("Righteousness of God") aura is a deep indigo blue. Wearing the semiprecious stone lapis lazuli helps you feel a closer connection to Zadkiel. Place this stone above your eyebrows to awaken your ear chakras and to clearly hear the voice of the Divine.

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