Saturday, 16 April 2011

Why Do So Many Lightworkers Manifest "New Age" Illness?

Archangel Raphael - The Angel of Healing
I have noticed that many wonderful lightworkers are experiencing life-threatening and debilitating "New Age" diseases such as cancer, heart problems, chronic fatigue syndrome and the like. I think this is related to the fact that cells that hold more light and people with higher cellular light levels - like lightworkers - have a different cellular metabolism. We cannot cope with sugar as well as we used to. Lightworkers tend to eat "light" food and tend to avoid "heavy" difficult to digest foods such as (an excess of) red meat, sugar, and microwaved foods.

Still, although lightworkers eat what is generally seen as a very healthy diet, the level of these illnesses is much higher now than in previous decades.  Even though we don't eat sugar or other "unhealthy" foods our bodies are struggling to integrate the "old process" of using food for energy production with the "new process" of maximizing the energy from light and (adequately called) "lighter" nourishment. Although I'm aware that every disease has a spiritual counterpart - a (wrong) thought that is underpinning it, I also believe that the environment we are currently experiencing is contributing to the mass manifestation of New Age illness - as well as a mass awakening.

Physically speaking, illness often appears in the body when the acidity is too high. Acidity is linked with blood sugar levels. Sugar is one of the most acid-forming foods you can eat. Tumor cells for example tend to metabolize only blood sugar which is why an anti-cancer diet - and the recommended diet for lightworkers - includes very little to no sugar and substances that are turned into sugar by the body.

Normally cells have two modes of burning glucose (sugar), comparable to sprinting and long-distance running: glycolysis, which doesn't require oxygen and doesn't consume all of the glucose molecule, and oxidative phosphorylation, which requires oxygen and is more thorough. Cancer cells often outgrow their blood supply, leading to a lack of oxygen in a tumor. They also benefit from glycolysis because leftovers from the inefficient consumption of glucose can be used as building blocks for growing cells. Even if they have oxygen, cancer cells still prefer glycolysis. They depend on it to grow quickly.

The one organ that cannot manifest cancer is the heart. For this reason, lightworkers who have higher light levels often experience other heart-diseases such as heart-valve deterioration, arhythmic heart beats or strokes.

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