Saturday, 30 April 2011

SPECIAL: "I Will" - William & Kate's Royal Wedding

Royal Trees
I have not seen William and Kate's Royal Wedding commented on from a spiritual perspective yet, but I think that's the most interesting aspect really.

I love Divine Beauty in all its forms. I love style and beautiful music, art, paintings, sculptures, tables, architecture, buildings, flowers, gardens, cars and clothing ... anything that glorifies the bounty, goodness and especially beauty of the Divine Intelligence in all its ways.

I believe that people who "know how to dress" and have a sensitivity towards colors, beauty, and style are especially attuned to this "ray" or aspect of the Divine.

The men mostly wore cuts, kilts or red uniforms which looked great - polished. But these clothes were more or less prescribed and there wasn't much individual variation between them so I'll list the best-dressed and most beautiful women of the day here. By the way, interestingly enough they're all "commoners". Maybe the "titled" people are focusing on a different "ray" right now.

The most beautiful person of the day was Kate Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge). I loved her dress from satin and lace (very like Grace Kelly's dress at her wedding), her hair worn down, her lovely make-up done by herself, her tiara and most of all the sparkling eyes and blissful smile she wore.

Philippa (Pippa), Kate's sister, looked stunning and graceful in a simple white dress (matching the flowers in Kate's bridal bouquet)..

Carol Middleton, Kate's mother, wore a beautiful sky blue and moved with elegance and grace.

Charlene (South African bride-to-be of Prince Albert of Monaco) wore an elegant light-gray ensemble. The color was a bit somber for such a joyous celebration, but she glowed.

Victoria Beckham wore a midnight-blue dress from her own collection and a matching hat created by the famous Philip Treacy. Beautiful outfit. The color was a bit dark but she gave off an aura of elegance and style.

I also know that the angels and fairies (angels of nature) loved the 20 feet tall living trees from Highgrove (Prince Charles' organic garden) in Westminster Abbey.

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  1. I loved the trees too! And yes Kate looked beautiful ...