Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lightworkers: How to Transform Adversity into the Path

Oyster and Pearl: Transforming Irritation Into Beauty
If you are like most lightworkers, you will be focusing on your own spiritual evolvement (or unfoldment) and are attempting to keep your vibration high because you know that the universe actively responds to your vibration and brings more of what you focus on into your experience.

Now, it is very likely that you have someone around you who is focused on lack, poverty, and blame. In fact, because vibrations influence each other you experience this attitude as draining and your own energy suffers as a result. You feel trapped and as though your abundance consciousness (the awareness of Infinite Intelligence as your unlimited supply) is being sapped away by constant affirmations to the contrary.

A common way to deal with this is to leave the situation (and the person) and attract an environment which is more suitable, more positive and more happy for you. But sometimes, this is not possible for practical or other reasons, for example, you don't want to leave your job just because one office co-worker is a gossip and constantly negative about others, your work, or finances. Nevertheless, you find this behavior unhelpful and draining and you start to dislike this person. Now, you know that disliking someone or something does not improve anything, and even worse, it actually harms you by clouding your thoughts and wasting your energy.

Disliking someone or something is like swallowing poison yourself and then expecting the other person to die.

In this case, where you have to be around a negative person, affirm: "This person is here for my help and my prosperity." Everyone is a Creation of the Divine, and by thinking this way, you are allowing them to fill their place in the divine plan. The more someone annoys you, the more you are called to affirm that they have their place in the divine plan and they are here, exactly where they are, for your good, your prosperity and your joy.

Very soon, this person will say something or introduce you to someone who will help you. Then let me know what happens!

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