Saturday, 16 April 2011

One Chapter Closes, Another Begins

Clear Quartz Rosary
So, on Thursday (2 days ago) after another 3 days in hospital and multiple tests they told me that the treatment they have been using for 4 months, since the beginning of December 2010, is not working.

They sent me home for a few days and then, next week, after a few more tests and conferences, they will decide on the next procedure.

On Thursday morning I was in the hospital room bathroom when my Quartz Crystal Rosary necklace which had come to me all the way from John of God in Brazil fell to the floor and broke. A clear line, straight through the cross.

At first I was so upset I almost cried because this necklace meant so much to me. But then I heard a voice in my right ear: "One chapter closes, another begins." This helped me look at things from a higher perspective, as symbols rather than objects. I had a feeling of accomplishment - as if I had completed  an episode, a "trial" or an initiation.

I'll still buy another crystal rosary necklace, though - but because I love it, not because I need it.

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