Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and Arcturus

Many souls (or entities), and soul groups, did not originate here on Earth. It is quite easy for us to accept that we have lived before, and in past lifetimes we may have been of a different color, or creed, or culture. But, seeing that there are no boundaries for the non-physical soul, we can also see how we are "seeded" (are "born" as entities) and then also project ourselves into physical bodies on different stars, not just Earth. The One, Universal Intelligence, is so vast and all-encompassing that it expresses itself as, and in, every part of existence, seen and unseen.

So, when we talk about ETs, or extraterrestrial intelligence, we are actually talking about the same Spirit, the same Life Force, which is also in us. That's a deeper understanding of the knowledge that we are all One. Different expressions of the One Substance, all equally valid, perfect and important.

The Aborigines, probably the oldest human culture on Earth, have an oral tradition which reaches back to the "beginning of time" and which tells stories of how their ancestors came from the Pleiades, the star formation clearly visible in the night sky and referred to as "The Seven Sisters".

The Maori of New Zealand trace their ancestry back to Ancient Egypt. There are also Maori Holy Sites that are used to communicate with Sirius and the entities there. In ancient times the year began with the rising of Matariki, the Pleiades star group, in what we now call the month of June [beginning of winter in New Zealand].

Edgar Cayce said he (his entity) originated on Arcturus. Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy. It is the fifth-dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth's future. Its energy works as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity. It also functions as an energy gateway through which humans pass during "death" and "rebirth". It is as a way station for non-physical consciousness to get used to physicality. Arcturus is the portal, or energy vortex, through which entities pass when the individual must chose as to whether to return to the Earth-sun system, or to pass on to others. This is both a step in soul evolution. Arcturus itself is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation, which is approximately thirty-six light years from Earth.

Of all the extraterrestrial civilizations, I feel most drawn to Arcturus, probably because of their total focus in every aspect of society on the path of God-realization. The Arcturians teach that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light. The higher the vibrational frequency, the more light one holds and thus the closer one is to Source, or God.

The Dogon tribe of Mali (Africa) trace their origins back to Sirius.

In The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch on page 54, we read:
"And if we examine the Book of Genesis involving the seven days of creation, we see that the six fields of light come together so that on the seventh day, the transmutation can be added to the physical chemistry of life. Therefore, on the seventh aeon of Light, the races which were evolved during the first six aeons of time are superseded by the Seventh Ray, which is the planting of our Adamic household of Kimah (the Pleiades) and Kesil (Orion) intelligence on the planet as a witness to the evolving nations." (see Job 38:31)


  1. But where do Lightworkers come in? I'm trying to find out the orgin and purpose. Thanks.

  2. Is their a library to which I can reference

  3. Is their a library to which I can reference