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Karmic Debt Numbers

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What is Karma and the Karmic debt?

Things important to your soul growth that have been left undone or unfinished in a previous existence, past lives, or pain or damage that you have inflicted on another and must be resolved in order for soul growth to take place. This is referred to as karma, a Sanskrit word that literally means "action" and which refers to the karmic debts we have incurred over our past lifetimes.

What numbers indicate a Karmic Debt?

The Karmic numbers are 13, 14, 16, 19. Don't reduce these numbers to a single digit, as you normally would, otherwise you will miss the sign of an important lesson. If your birthday falls on the 13th, 14th, 16th, or 19th then the debt is immediately obvious. Having a chart reading done is the surest way to find out if you have a Karmic debt, what kind it is and how to overcome it in this lifetime.

What are the general characteristics of Karma?

Karma comes about by frittering away your talents and opportunities in a previous life and not getting the important things accomplished, or by placing unnecessary burdens on others, such as pain and suffering. Also, shifting your responsibilities onto another (blame and negative criticism fall under this) and neglecting or avoiding living your life purpose.

This debt would also come about by misusing your freedom of choice in a past life, by exerting your power at someone else's expense, entering into excessive (unbalanced) activities on a regular basis, both physical and otherwise - basically, thoughts and actions that proved destructive to yourself thereby undermining your own soul development.

This Karmic Debt can also stem from wasting your life in untruthful love affairs that caused another a lot of pain in your past life, behaving irresponsibly and/ or going to excesses with alcohol and drugs. The abuse of power in a past life, or selfish inconsideration towards others, harming someone physically.

In angel and numerological readings you are shown how to overcome the various aspects of your karmic debt in this life and what you can do to help yourself resolve these obstacles to a more rewarding life and faster soul growth.

However, this is highly personal information and must be molded to each person individually. Karma is not a shared commodity so it would be best to have your personal reading done to learn more about your own personal karmic debt and how to find its soul-ution.

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