Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Angel Message: Archangel Michael and Buddha Manjushri are the same divine entity!

The other day I received a healing in which Archangel Michael appeared and touched every one of my cells with his light sword until I was filled with golden shining light from crown to feet. I also received a technique by which it is easy to remove stagnant, misaligned or diseased energy from the body. I was given three methods:

You can visualize a tab (faucet) - or as many as you need - and open them to let everything that is discoulered out and replace it with light. Then you close the tab because you want to keep the light inside.

Or you can visualize a bright powerful luminous laser beam erasing all unwanted energies and filling the spots with light.

Finally, you can use a hose with a sparkling strong beam of water to cleanse all areas not yet touched by the light.

Two nights later I couldn't sleep and I started wondering about my strong connection with Archangel Michael and his huge presence and popularity around the world. I am the spiritual representative of the St. Michael Chapel in Glastonbury, England, wich was build on the St. Michael leyline as a chapel dedicated to St. Michael and is now modernized on the inside and used as a healing centre by us.

Buddha Manjushri is one of the most famous Buddhas and has a spiritual light sword as well. I met my soul mate (and husband of 10 years) at Manjushri Buddhist Centre in the Lake District in England at an international two-week long course.

Suddenly I recived a very clear message: "We are the same entity. Our outer form appears different only to you because of cultural conditioning and culturally prevailing images. You can call on either of us and I will be there, with you, without fail."


  1. I am a channel for Archangel Michael for many years now and today had exactly this same realization :) Thank you for posting this.

    Meredith Murphy

  2. Had the same realization in a dream that Michael/Jesus -- aka the Prince and Manjushri Bodhisatva are one and the same.

  3. Metatron/Messiah/Manjushri/Michael/Kalki/Saoshyant/ Moshíaj/Mhadi

  4. Jesus is bodhisatva Maitreya, prophecy of Buddha Shakyamuni 2500 years ago was that Maitreya ll be the next Buddha of this world, and Jesus phropecy is he ll come back to make up his kingdom here. SIMPLE