Friday, 7 January 2011


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, 
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. 
- William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

The Rainbow children are a new generation of psychic, highly evolved children, who are here to help us open our hearts and progress spiritually. The Rainbows being born right now are the scouts, and the large influx of Rainbows will occur during the years 2010 through 2030.

Here is a check-list of characteristics of Rainbow children:
  • Very few are currently incarnated.
  • Parents are crystal adults, or rapidly moving into the crystal consciousness.
  • No karma to balance. (If they incarnate, then only to be of service.)
  • Do not choose dysfunctional families.
  • They are all about service.
  • May have big eyes like the crystal children, but they are totally trusting.
  • Entirely fearless of everybody.
  • Bringing in the healing rainbow energy previously brought through Reiki, Qi Gong, and Pranic healing and other hands on healing.
I am the mother of a Rainbow child, born in November 2008, joyfully and painlessly at home in water. When I think back to his birth, I can still remember the mood of lightheartedness, joy, pleasure and happiness that surrounded all of us in unity like a warm glow.

He spoke to me before my pregnancy and gave me exact instructions on what to eat and how to prepare my body for utmost vitality, energy and fitness. He also gave me his full name when I was 20 weeks pregnant.

He has a very strong will and personality but at the same time he is extremely peaceful, self-content and fascinated by life. He is certainly a very old soul in a young body and I always speak to him with that awareness. I know he understands me on a deep level, even though in his present form he is only a small, fragile toddler.

There is something magnetic, “magical” and majestic about him that draws people to him. He is physically beautiful with a mop of light blond hair, expressive blue eyes and heart-shaped lips but it is soul-quality of radiating light, peace and joy that really attracts people and always makes them pause and comment on him, just to be close to him for a few moments.

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