Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Love is Present

"God and love are identical, and one who has divine love has received God." - Meher Baba
Angels are divine messengers, and as such they are pure love. Love is always present, meaning that when you feel love for someome or something you see their true essence, you see them as they really are - in other words, you see with the eyes of Source. God is pure divine love. That's why angels have fully awakened heart chakras.)

Love, by definition, is always focussed in the present. You can't be historically focussed and struggling to maintain a historically and memory based identity (what Byron Katie refers to as "Your Story") and love at the same time. Love is always new, sparkling, grateful, and lifegiving. It brings us into the present moment.

Seen this way, there is never anything to forgive, because every moment creates a new person, an innocent person.  We are released from "our story", our history which includes our prejudices, our conditioning, our memories, our pain and are free to see the other person, and ourselves, as we truly are.

That's the real reason why love is the ultimate healer.

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