Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Angel Message: Study the Kabbalah

Last night, I was lying down in bed, reading Diana Cooper's book A New Light on Angels when I suddenly found myself enveloped by huge, soft golden wings. An angel's wings are a representation of inner spiritual light and an awakened, or actualized, heart chakra; just as a unicorn's horn is actually an energy spiral indicating an open and active third eye.

At first I simply enjoyed the feeling of being held in spiritual light and then I noticed a word on one of the angel's wings. Now, in all my years of communicating with angels, I have never received a message in this way before; but it was unmistakable.

The word said, in capital letters: KABBALAH

So, now I guess I have to study the Kabbalah (or Tree of Life) in depth!

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  1. If you are interested in reading about Kabbalah combined with kundalini, Karen LOVES the books of Joseph Michael Levry. I also love Madonna's spiritual children's books such as Yacov and the the Seven Thieves which your sons may enjoy. Love, Stephanie