Sunday, 30 January 2011

Pink Tulips, Pink Angel or Angels Are Like Infinity Signs

So, yesterday I received a huge bunch of beautiful pink tulips which are just stunning. I kept gazing at them and smelling them, appreciating their beauty, still magnificence and perfection.

Then, last night in my meditation I was visited by a beautiful, radiant angel with a pink dress and a pink aura. I received the impression that it was the feminine aspect of Archangel Chamuel.

The Angels were initially  expressed as a singular spark of the Divine, with a specific assignment or divine gift associated with the distribution of the Light of the Divine (All That Is). The Angels are a singular unified energy with roles to play throughout all the planes and Dimensions of reality, just as we too are merely aspects of the Divine, learning to remember who we are and reunite with our True (Higher) Self.

Each Angel can be viewed as simply an aspect of a Unified Reality, just as our physical body is a complete life-form, yet is composed of many organs and systems that each have an individual function to perform in order for that physical body to exist.

Each Angel has two polarities, which are necessary for the fullest possible expression of their Light. These are what we describe as "masculine" and "feminine": twin-flames of the One Flame.

You can imagine them like a figure eight, or an infinity sign: one form, yet with two sides. The crossing point exemplifies their true unified nature: the further away you travel from this to either side the greater the influence of the male or female polarity.

I watched the Pink Angel descend and float towards me. I felt a light beam directed at me, surrounding me and infusing me. My body felt very light and was made of pure golden energy. I felt a great sense of relaxation a well-being.

My good friend Stephanie Jones has also noticed and written about angels and the scent of flowers.

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