Sunday, 16 January 2011

Unicorn Message 16.1.11: Soul Satisfaction

Aim for that which makes your soul rejoice.

The unicorns remind you that doing that which makes your soul rejoice is the only thing that  brings you true and lasting happiness as well as spiritual growth. It is time now to aim for this  ideal and they will help you if you ask.

Affirmation: I do that which satifies my soul.
Unicorns are angelic beings, fully of the angel realms. As such, they do not have free will because their will is always aligned with Divine Will, meaning that they will always act from love and to your best and highest interests.

While angels (together with the mermaids and dolphins) work on healing the heart, the unicorns help you to find and live your soul's purpose.

Just like an angel's wings are in fact emanations of divine light and express an awakened and open heart chakra, so is a unicorn's horn actually a spiralling energy vortex signifying an open and active third eye. There are many pictures of winged unicorns, expressing their awakened heart and their essence of being messengers from Source, like angels.

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