Monday, 10 January 2011

The Tao of Mermaids

From my book: The Tao of Mermaids

I have always felt drawn to mermaids. My husband Charles, whois a musician, even named his recording studio  Mermaid Studios because we always joked that I was a mermaid accidentally born on land. I was born under the astrological constellation of Pisces, a water sign. Pisces is the sign of the planet Venus, the Roman goddess of love. The planet Venus found its highest spiritual expression during the age of Pisces, which is now nearing its final years. Venus is the renamed Greek goddess Aphrodite, who was sea born and has a very special and profound connection with the Ocean. Her sacred animal is the dolphin.


Mermaid Exercise: How to Read Your Emotions
You can always know exactly how connected you are to your Soul (your Higher Self, or Inner Being), and how much of your true self you are expressing, by the way you feel. The Mermaids, who rule the water element and the emotional side of our nature, suggest that you stop what you are doing for a split second, take a deep breath and ask yourself: “How do I feel right now? Do I feel less than good; maybe angry, or resentful, or judgmental, or dismissive, or hurt, or vengeful, or depressed?”

The Mermaids say that if the answer is “yes” (and be honest with this!), what you are manifesting when you have these feelings is, momentarily, not in agreement with the perspective of your Soul, or authentic self. This broader perspective part of you is always one with the Creator, and knows that you truly are eternally joyful, happy, blessed, loving and peaceful. The Mermaids say that when we are in harmony with our true self, expressing who we are at the soul level and living our life’s purpose, we feel wonderful. When we feel the sheer pleasure, joy and exhilaration of being alive, uplifting and inspiring those around us by just being ourselves, we know that we are “on track”, manifesting and living exactly the life our Soul planned for us prior to coming into this body, on this planet, at this time.

The Mermaids have a very important job to do. They are here to assist us with moving our feelings and emotions—the domain of the water element—up the pole towards its highest, best feeling point, which is simultaneously the fullest expression of our soul’s purpose. To accomplish this, the Mermaids work with the magic of the water element and join forces with the Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides (especially dolphins) as well as with Crystals, Colors and Light Ray Energy to heal our heart chakra, manifest our light
body, and prepare us for the next step in evolution.

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