Saturday, 22 January 2011

Today (22.1.11): Aphrodite Beauty and Love Meditation

Aphrodite - the Goddess of Love and Beauty

Though it may seem at first that the two qualities of beauty and relationship are unrelated, the needs of the self and the other are in fact intricately entwined. Partnerships involve learning to appreciate the spirit of beauty. We learn how to better love another in the intimate sphere of day-to-day relationship.

One way to attune to the spirit of beauty is to imagine the birth of Aphrodite within your heart. Begin your meditation by creating a beautiful atmosphere that will attract her presence. Then:
  • Create an altar for Aphrodite and adorn it with flowers, angels and pictures of loved ones.
  • Play a piece of music that is serene, calming and peaceful. Allow the music to enter your heart, and let its rhythms pulse within you as the waves in the ocean.
  • Imagine that this feeling gives rise to an image of sublime beauty, of Aphrodite emerging from the depths of your heart. She is the essence of beauty, the perfume of loveliness, the embodiment of grace and joy. She is all light, joy and laughter. Bask in her beauty; feel beautiful, inside and out.
  • After immersing yourself in Aphrodite, open your eyes and survey the environment around you. Practice seeing the world through her eyes. See life transformed, alight from within: The flowers on your altar sparkle with color, the photos of your loved ones reveal an inner dimension that is new to you, the sky outside your window appears miraculous and luminescent. This is Aphrodite's gift - the vision of love and beauty that animates all creation.

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