Friday, 14 January 2011

The Secret Behind "The Secret"

I have read all the classics on prosperity consciousness and Law of Attraction. Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth and Prosperity by Charles Fillmore are my favourites. They really explain the secrets alluded to in Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich and similar books very clearly, and from a perspective of deep spiritual understanding.

In my view, The Secret and other materialistically focussed media on the Law of Attraction miss the bigger picture, and the fundamental truth of prosperity, and life: We are not here to order material things from the Universe, and we are not here to tell God what to do. Of course, when we understand the universal Law of Attraction, and direct our thoughts accordingly, we can manifest whatever we desire, but what we desire may not always be in our best interests. Why is this?

Because there are two parts to us, and they can be very different. One is what I term the ego-mind, or the lower self. It is the aspect of our consciousness that gets caught up in finding meaning in materialistic things. Note, materialistic things in themself aren’t bad when we enjoy them with gratitude and in acceptance of their temporary nature; it is our attachment and the higher meaning we ascribe to them that does not serve us. The other is the part of us is one with Divine Mind, and is commonly referred to as the Higher Self or the Divine Spark.

Our purpose is to embody Divine Love in every moment. By living our true life’s purpose, which is expressing Divine Love in our life, in our own unique way, we become naturally prosperous and abundant. It is Law and it works every time.

“Cosmic ordering” motivated by purely selfish, ego-mind desires fails to recognize the true purpose of Life. True happiness, and true abundance, comes from recognizing that life is about letting, rather than getting.

When we “let go, and let God”, we start to express the Divine purpose for our life. In the process, we start to realize all our soul wishes and start to live our dream life, the life that truly makes us happy, because our dream life, as our authentic self dreams it, is actually God’s plan for us.

When we ask, it is always given. We merely need to be ready to receive. It really is as perfect as that!

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  1. Thank you for that, K. I was given a copy of The Secret on DVD when I began "working" with/for Arbonne (not something I ever made money with but I used their products for a while). There was always something that bothered me about the message, and how it was used as a marketing/sales motivator, that bothered me, even though I understood the underlying principle was sound and made sense. As always, you know how to put things into words in such a perfect way. xoxo